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Scottish Folk Arrangements Sheet Music Pack - harmony parts for violin, viola, cello or string quartet

by Folk Arrangements Sheet Music

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    This download is for the sheet music, and includes a flexible variety of scores and individual parts for string group/duet/trio/quartet arrangements of seven traditional Scottish folk tunes. You will also receive the demonstration recordings.
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This download is for the digital sheet music scores for my harmony arrangements of seven traditional Scottish folk tunes.

As well as a variety of full scores, you will also receive parts for individual instruments.

These are part of a series of folk arrangements that I have made. They are used by various different groups - I've heard from people who use them for village bands, student folk orchestras, violin and viola duets, violin and cello duets, string quartets, and groups of friends who like to play them together while spending an evening in with a bottle of wine.

The arrangements started life as harmony parts for violists who wanted to play along with folk fiddle players, but found the tunes a bit too high to be comfortable - but they can be used by lots of other instruments too.

The bass lines are written for cello, but fit on double bass or bass guitar comfortably (as you'll hear, they're played on the bass guitar in the demo recordings).


You can read about how your group or instrument might be able to use this music here:

Each tune is arranged in four part harmony (melody, two harmony parts and a bass line) and presented in a variety of different formats:

* String quartet
* All harmonies in alto clef for viola
* All harmonies in treble clef for violin, mandolin, flute, recorder, accordion etc.
* All harmonies in bass clef, most suitable for cello range

In all the scores, the melody is printed in treble clef, and has chords written above it.

You'll also receive the demonstration recordings as heard above.
In these recordings I've tried to show how the parts work as independent harmonies and also how they sound all played together: I start with the melody and harmony 1, and play the tune once through. Then I play the tune another time through with melody, bass and harmony part 2, followed by a final time with all parts together.

The harmonies are designed as building-blocks to be used within a larger arrangement, and don't need to all be played at the same time (although they can be). For a duet, the second player could alternate between playing different harmony parts to accompany the tune, for example, or a with a larger group, additional harmonies could be added each time the tune repeats.

For detailed information about what is included and who can play it, see:

I also have collections of Irish and English tunes arranged in the same way.


released August 10, 2019


all rights reserved


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